National Council on Fireworks Safety
Provides the latest on fireworks safety and state fireworks laws.

Pyrotechnics Guild International
Dedicated to the Advancement of Safety, Skill, and Artistry in Pyrotechnics.

National Fire Protection Association
Organization whose mission is to reduce the frequency of fires through standards, research, and public education.

American Pyrotechnics Association
Provides the latest safety, state laws and news for fireworks.

Click Technologies, Inc.
Click Technologies provides business webservices such as design, software and hosting.

BATF Orange Book
ATF P 5400.7 (09/00) Federal Explosives Law and Regulations - 2000

Lady Liberty Fireworks
Create your own fireworks show online. Click you mouse where you want the shells to burst! Lot of fun!!

Alternate shipping locations
Use this service to find alternate drop shipment locations outside of a restricted state.

Federal Regulations
Regulations for carring fireworks by air

Fireworks Town
A magistral Chinese fireworks information website with abundant fireworks products, videos.

NFPA 1123 Display Fireworks
Rules and regulations for using 1.3g Display Fireworks. Free Access.

Bureau Of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
ATF Online - Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms