Display Fireworks (Fireworks 1.3G) Terms


• For a complete list of our products e-mail us your request and address.

• We can, do and will make fireworks for any dollar amount over $250.00. All you need to do is contact us with the exact number and size of the display you want. We will gladly quote the display.

• American Tradition Fireworks DOES NOT shoot fireworks displays. We are a distributor of high quality Fireworks and Pyrotechnics to Companies, Organizations, and Individuals who shoot their own displays.

• We buy the best products possible. However, we are not responsible for their performance or problems due to manufacturer.

• All customers are responsible for all their freight charges.

• All customers purchasing 1.3G Display Fireworks must have an explosive license from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tabacco and Firearms (B.A.T.F). • B.A.T.F. license applications are available from:
B.A.T.F. Licensing Center
PO Box 2994
Atlanta, GA 30301
Phone: 404-417-2750
B.A.T.F. Licensing Center Site

• 1.3G Display Fireworks can only be legally stored in a B.A.T.F. approved explosive magazine. You may request authorization for temporary storage by contacting the B.A.T.F.

• NOTICE!! Customers without an approved B.A.T.F. storage site will need to pick up their fireworks within one day of their shoot. Any American Tradition Fireworks customer may use our facility to store their fireworks at no additional charge.

• We will not accept credit cards from anyone except the purchaser of our products and shipment will have to be to the cardholders exact address.

• We reserve the right to substitute items with those of equal or greater value due to shortages.