Enjoy a Dazzling Fireworks Display Right at Home

Enjoy a Dazzling Fireworks Display Right at Home

Visit our store in Augusta, MI for consumer fireworks

Light up your Fourth of July party with fireworks from American Tradition LLC. We sell firing tubes, mortars and sparklers at our store in Augusta, Michigan. A sales associate will learn the details of your party and suggest which fireworks will make your event spectacular.

Celebrate Independence Day with a colorful display of lights. Call 269-731-4311 now to learn about our consumer fireworks selection in Augusta, Michigan.

8 firework safety tips

Although consumer fireworks aren't as powerful as display fireworks, you should still be careful with them. American Tradition offers these eight firework safety tips:

1.Obey city and state laws when using fireworks.
2.Read the instructions carefully before setting off your fireworks.
3.Don't let children handle sparklers unsupervised.
4.Keep pets away from your fireworks.
5.Don't try to relight a firework that didn't go off.
6.Wear safety goggles when lighting fireworks.
7.Keep a bucket of water and a hose on standby.
8.Dip fireworks in water before throwing them away in a metal trash can.

As long as you practice these safety tips, you and your guests will have a great time using fireworks. Contact our store in Augusta, Michigan today to learn more about sparkler and consumer fireworks safety.